Character : Unni
Release year : 1983
Banner : Century Production
Director : P G Viswambharan
Producer : Raju Mathew
Cast : Madhu, Mammootty, Poornimajayaram, Sreevidya
Story : C Radhakrishnan
Singers : K J Yesudas, S Janaki
Editor : G Venkattaraman
Dialogues : C Radhakrishnan
Camera man : Ramachandra Babu
Lyrics : Yousaf Ali Kechery
Music director : Ilayaraja
Screenplay : C Radhakrishnan

Kesava Panikkar (Madhu) is an honest government engineer who assiduously resists any offers of bribes. Panikkar’s one ambition is to see his son, Unni (Mammootty), who is a medical student, succeed in his career. But, Unni gets spoiled due to a gang of his collegemates. They set up a “house of sin” right behind their college. To keep up with his wealthy friends, Unni starts taking bribes on his father’s behalf and eventually culminates in stealing money from his own house. In the process, he alienates his father and gets thrown out of home. He finds accommodation with his collegemates at the “house of sin”. Later he finds it difficult to stay there as his friends began avoiding him when he was not able to pay them his part of the house-rent. Meanwhile, he is frequently visited by Parvathi, his cousin and lover. Parvathi was able to make him realise his faults but even she is not able to unite him with his father. Afterwards, Unni fixes his marriage with Parvathi, without the consent of his father. But, what he found after the marriage function was his dead father.

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