Character : Ravi
Release year : 1984
Banner : Jubilee
Director : Joshi
Producer : Joy Thomas
Cast : Mammootty, Prathapa Chandran, Nellikkode Bhaskaran, Soman, Sukumaran, Kochin Haneefa, Saritha, Baby Salini, Seema, Rohini
Story : Kaloor Dennis
Art director : NA
Singers : Yesudas, Vanijayaram, Suseela P, Brahmanandan
Editor : K Sankunni
Dialogues : Kaloor Dennis
Camera man : NA
Lyrics : Poovachal Khadar
Music director : Shyam
Screenplay : Kaloor Dennis

The film is a typical tear-buster family-drama tragedy of the 1980s. Films of this genre typically featured a happy family in the beginning with a well placed husband cum father, a young mother and a girl child in the age of 3-4. Due the end, the family gets into a whirlpool of relationship problems.

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