Released on :
Character : Abhijit/Aruna
Banner : K.Manju Films
Director : Abhay Simha
Producer : K. Manju
Cast : Mammootty, Poonam Bajwa,
Story : Abhay Simha
Art director : K.K Raj
Singers : N/A
Editor : S.Manohar
Dialogues : Abhay Simha & Eshwar Santhosh (Malayalam)
Camera man : Dr. Vikram Shrivastava
Makeup : Umameshwara & George
Action : Anal Arus
Lyrics : Kaithapram, Murugan Kattakada, Vayalar Sarathchandra Varma, Santhosh Varma
Music director : V. Harikrishna
Screenplay : Abhay Simha

The story revolves around a the life of a software engineer, who stumbles upon a novel called Shikari. He begins to read it and falls in love with a character from the book, which is set in the pre-Independence era. The story unfolds in two time-lines and both the actors play two characters each.

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